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My name is Jamaal Hollywood and I am a 22 year old business owner and content creator. I specialize in photography and videography all while having skills in graphic design and editing. I am currently a student at North Carolina A&T State University but reside in Edison, NJ. The word cozy may not mean much to the average person, but to me it runs deep. I pride myself on being comfortable in my skin and confident in my approach. Even through tough times and dark days having a positive mindset and never letting the inner demons, i.e. anxiety, depression and insecurities, take over. As long as I'm living I will always remain cool, calm and cozy. I want my clients to be comfortable with who they are and express how they truly feel. Be yourself and love yourself. Each photo I edit will be based off the vibe and vision of each picture. I hope to provide a quality service to as many people as I can and impact as many lives as possible.

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